This year whole India will celebrate Dusherra on November 19 as it represent the victory of good on evil. People will worship Lord Rama who Killed Ravana who reprsent evil but you will surprise to know there are few places in India where people worship Ravana instead of Lord Rama.


Ravan is worshiped in Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh, it is said that Mandsaur’s old name was Dashpur but due to his wife Mandodari it named to Mandsaur. Since Mandsaur was the in-laws of Ravana, and the daughter here was married to Ravana, so here instead of burning the effigy of Ravan, it is worshiped due to the tradition of respecting son-in-law.

Yes, there is also a village in Ujjain where Ravana is worshiped, this place of Ravana is Chikhali village of Ujjain district. it is believed that, if the villagers does not worship Ravana then the village will turn into ashes.


A temple of Ravana has been built at the place named Malvalli Taluka of Mandya district of Karnataka, where people worship him. Apart from this, people in Kolar of Karnataka also worship Ravana as Shiva Bhakta.

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Andhra Pradesh

A Shivlinga’ was established in kakinad of Andhra Pradesh, where there is a statue of Ravana near this Shivling itself. Here the fishermen community worshiped both Shiva and Ravana.